How to Tell it How it is!

Well, actually, in the name of honesty and an unerring commitment to the truth, far greater rigour is, and must be, demanded here of not only the description itself but the very details composing and forming it — and let me tell you, it just so happens that that is what I am gonna darn well give y’all, with all the masculine, steely resolve pre-1980s Hollywood heroes and heartthrobs employed when it  came to  getting “their girl”.)  I am sure—though, on second thought I am not so certain; no, not certain by a long way. In fact, I am now full of doubt, pervaded by a complete sense of uncertainty that I must bracket, as best I can, in order to carry on with what I have begun—it is a task I am both capable and competent of, at least I hope I am and will continue to tell myself so in order to block out those ‘voices’. Indeed, I have even been described as cynical, a sceptic, and a nihilist; I am in two minds whether I should add “narcissist” here, another term bandied around when others are discussing yours truly (READER: Do you think it is relevant? Or should I just leave it out? Feel free to edit it as you see fit.)

To return, what I am attempting to depict with my narrative that, as I pointed out above is lacking almost fatally in the rigour of its descriptiveness and detailedness, is the most faithful account possible with the pen and, so to speak, its putting to paper. A passage more vivid than VR, faithful to how it was in the flesh; more meticulous than any million-dollar movie scene, truly rendering the reality of it. But again, what I most desire to avoid  throughout all of this, above and beyond, is the charge of “sexing up” my reminiscences for pure entertainment value…




I think, sufficiently if not perfectly or immaculately, I have managed to guide you through the thorny issue of “sexing up” and we are now both free of any prickly thorn capable of snagging any of my fine garments, or, for that matter, any similar pieces a reader may happen to be wearing, so we are  all but ready to embark upon the journey required, nay demanded, we travel with no other accompaniment than word and thought. It is their combination that, if we are successful, will let us safely reach the destination we have set our sights upon. Godspeed!


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