The “Leggy” Legend in Culture

The “Leggy” Legend in Literary Form



In The Broom of the System, DFW’s debut novel, there is a passage highlighting the kind of high-jinx and “high” times of which late adolescence/early adulthood legends (in both its common meanings) are made.

Stonecipher LaVache Beadsman, aka “The Antichrist”: college student, intellectually gifted perhaps, artificial leg to replace one lost early in life, habitual drug user.

“What can we do for you, big guy?” LaVache said, slapping the leg affectionately.

“Introductory Economics. Second quiz. Bonds.”

“Feed the leg,” said LaVache

LaVache opened the drawer in his leg and Clint Wood put the baggie inside. LaVache snapped the drawer shut and patted it. “Professor?”


“All you need to remember for Fursich is, when the interest rate goes up, the price of any bond already issued goes down.”

“And when the rate goes down, the price goes up.”

“Down…up.” Clint Wood looked up. “That’s it?”

“Trust me,” said LaVache.


The “Leggy” Legend in a Cricket Crowd Chant


Similarly, but in what one might call a “clash of cultures”, there is the cricket crowd of Queenslanders foregoing any fretting over form and getting caught up in the moment. The crowd chant of “Leggy, Leggy, Leggy” builds as the bloke in the blue shirt lifts his liquor filled leg and downs a decent-sized drink as if he is up for getting all lairy and legless. (I am sure that joke would have been too obvious to passover in the carnivalesque coming together. The “polite” fear of causing offence or the charge of discrimination against the “disabled”–what a term! that guy looks more able and willing than most!–would have dissolved all difference in a temporary surging togetherness.

I am still on the free version of WordPress since no one actually  visits my blog or reads my posts so no can do on the vid upload. But here is a teaser still from the video on YouTube.


And, for those who have had their interest piqued and want further details, here is the news article via Yahoo!7.



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