Lemmy IS a Good Man!


But Lemmy’s he’s a good man

He is a good man, indeed. I was just reminded of this fact by a poem about Lemmy I saw on  Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth 

Reading it reminded me of a quote of his I had seen some time ago. As you can see in the photo above, which has captured it rather remarkably, Lemmy also possesses a more contemplative side. It was a statement on love and marriage which, granted, many would not view as Lemmy’s forte, while there is probably a not insignificant number who would question he even  ought to be addressing the topic in the first place. But his words are striking in their simple honesty and, importantly, ethics.

I’ve never met a girl who could stop me looking at all the others. If I did I’d marry her. I’m not going to get married and play around. That’s bullshit. If you get married you should be faithful.



While his highly active sex life is probably seen by some as a failure of morals or some such, he actually shows that his behaviour is based on an ethical standard and respect for the other: everyone knows what to expect, it is stated upfront, people can make an informed decisions and there is no need for lies, deception, games or manipulation.

Empty People & Ethics

I’ve never understood why some people commit to someone in marriage while having full intent to cheat and continuing to cheat throughout the marriage. It seems to be based on personal weakness: a constant need to be validated  and reinforced by another that staves off their fear of being alone and the inescapably disconsolate realisation they are confronted with in those lonely moments when involuntary solitary reflection occurs and exposes the gross truth about themselves: an overwhelming spiritual and emotional lack, an impoverished and immature mental and intellectual life,  an an inner void an inescapable emptiness. There is nothing there; nothing to cherish or be proud of; no sense of achievement or accomplishment, nothing to sustain or guide them; no principles or beliefs….


The Marriage

They need a safety net, a constant presence, the existence of a spouse who will love and support for life. They need to be able to be summoned when needed, always available, there to offer reassurance and comfort, to prove that one is needed, that there is dependency. I am not alone. Someone loves and cares about me.


The Cheating

At the same time, they need more reassurance. They need to be liked. they need company. they need excitement. the thrill of attraction. the need to be desired. reinforcement of their fragile confidence. the knowledge others want them. But they are too weak, cowardly and unassured to go about the volatile, vacillating, and unpredictable adventure as an individual, the ups and downs the unsupported and vulnerable face in the tumultuous twists and turns of interpersonal relationships are mitigated, insured against, only sought out from within the security of a spousal relationship providing support and safety.



To put it simply, they need more than just the love of their spouse to be satisfied and/or satisfactorily suppress the inner emptiness they are confronted with when alone and ceased by self-reflection. At the same time, however, probably because of this very emptiness and inner void, they lack the strength, self-belief and heroic spirit to go it alone as an individual who is prepared to weather the storm without needing to always have someone at their side for safety and security.

Act honestly and ethically OR be strong and go it alone like Lemmy.


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