“Feminist” Farce?


Do your clothes pass the feminist test? Caroline Criado-Perez

Can’t work out if this is comical or cringe-worthy.

Surely an article like this being published on the Guardian site (unless the online version no longer employs editors)  with “feminist” as a hook in the headline is either a cynical attempt at comedy or some sort of misogynistic plot.

It addresses the issue of what type of clothing can genuinely be labeled “feminist”. To start with, there are four key questions that need to be asked. Yet this is by no means, as the author herself readily points out,  an “exhaustive” list.

Here are the four feminist fashion fundamentals (my coining):

  1. Do you know who made it?
  2. Is it environmentally-friendly?
  3. Is it affordable?
  4. How is it marketed?


Despite the glaring contradiction of praising Rick Owens for using “non-conventional” female models shortly after stressing clothing should be affordable to all–which raises question about the author and editors–the content actually needs to be taken seriously.These questions are good ones. And good points are raised in the accompanying explanation for each question. There are things here that consumers need to think about seriously.

The problem is that they have been trivialised by “identity politics”, to even utter that phrase, or a “feminist” attempt at….god knows what, really…(maybe the author just needed some quick and easy money)

There almost 500 comments on the piece give a good indication of what the author has achieved. The twin accomplishment of furthering dismissive attitudes toward the term “feminist” as well as serious issues in the clothing industry.






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